I’ve just left the cinema feeling like I can do anything. Feeling optimistic, buoyed and honestly… pretty damn sassy. I’ve just seen ‘Wonder Woman’. 

I’ll level with you, I didn’t want to go see it really. The trailers didn’t excite me and I thought it would be another Hollywood demonstration of a beautiful woman kicking ass while showing hers. 

I was wrong. 

Well. I wasn’t wrong about a beautiful woman – Gal Gadot has to be one of the most sensational looking people I have ever seen – and she filmed a lot of it while she was 5 months pregnant, stunts and all. What I really love about ‘Wonder Woman’ though is how it is about so much more than how she looks. 

She’s fierce, passionate, kicks some serious ass, and doesn’t need a man to hold her hand while she does it. In fact most of the men around her marvel at her beauty but then are floored by her bravery. 

The film opens with a Diana (Wonder Woman) as a little girl running like mad smiling with a air of fierce determination about her. The phrase “run like a girl” comes to mind here. A little girl who isn’t delicate and waifish but a powerhouse, beautiful and strong. 
Hollywood are portraying women much more like this now and it gives me heart for the little girls I get the privilege to teach and to see grown up in this crazy world. 

Ray in Star Wars, “Stop Taking My HAND” and Moana with, “I won’t take no for an answer” are two examples that immediately spring to mind! 

Okay so Wonder Woman has flaws, (the film not the woman…and that’s the problem) she manages to cross no-mans-land on the front line in WW1 without smudging her eyeliner, her outfit of choice for her badassery is a corset and knee high leather heels, and after saving the world the hair is still smooth and the lip gloss is perfection. So it’s not perfect. But it’s a start and a huge step in the right direction. 
Go see it, let me know what you think! It certainly had me feeling inspired! 


– C XxX 


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