The lost art of letter writing 

This week two lovely things flopped through our letter box and onto the doormat. This week I received two hand written letters from two lovely friends. One was a surprise, the other planned & I can’t tell you the joy that those pieces of paper gave to me! 

As you know I am a hopeless romamtic, traditionalist, anti-kindle, pro-Royal Family kind of girl (in fact I actually had a dream last night that Princess Kate was my friend – and that’s not the first time). I love all things old and beautiful. I’m as sentimental as they come, and so document everything squirreling away photos, receipts, theatre tickets, order of services from friends weddings and yes…I do in fact still scrapbook our holiday adventures! 
A couple of weeks ago a dear friend text me and suggested we write letters to each other. I was so excited and immediately planned my next paperchase visit to buy some pretty new writing paper. My lovely friend Molly lives in Hastings and so sadly we don’t see each other as much as we might like, writing letters seemed the perfect antidote to that. My other letter sender was my lovely friend Heather who has moved to Vancouver for a bit – an envelope with a Canadian stamp threw me there for a moment! 
Writing a letter is so wonderful, I sat curled up in an armchair with a cup of tea at my elbow and really slowed down. Most of us can type pretty quickly and so the time it takes for us to get thought to paper is much speedier than writing it down. I felt like I’d hit a pause button as I sat there and wrote. Talking about my day, asking questions, enquiring after them. 

I got hand cramp as I wrote though. How bad is that?! I just don’t write for any length of time any more. That’s going to change – anyone else fancy being my pen-pall? I’ve got lovely writing paper now! 
Why dont you drop a letter to a friend as a surprise. I guarantee it’ll make their day. 

Happy writing 

– C XxX 


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