April Adventures

April has always been a really exciting month in this house. Our very first holiday as a couple was in April, and on the 4th of April 2015 Harvey and I became Mr and Mrs Wood. 

April means adventure! The clocks have changed and the evenings are lighter, spring is definitely here and with it a sense of hope. Easter is just around the corner and with it the biggest message of hope there is. 

We’ll be heading to Wales this weekend (but not before stopping in on Swindon and Bristol on the way – we’ve got some very important friends to visit) and we’re planning on being outside by the sea (or on it) for nearly 100% of our time there. 
This month can be about adventures, no matter if you’re staying at home or going a little further afield. Harvey and I have embraced the lighter evenings and have been trying to get outside more. One night last week we went to our local park for a walk, boots on, hip flask filled and adventured until the sun started to sink beneath the clouds. 

We’re also huge fans of the self titled ‘Adventure Breakfast’. Stuffing a backpack full of camping stove, frying pan, bacon (essential) beans and coffee we walk straight out of our front door and to a secluded spot for breakfast al-fresco! 

This month see if you can get outside more, turn your phone off; take a long walk on your lunch break, spend an evening reading in the park, or go to the beach on your day off. No matter where you live the great outdoors is begging to be adventured in. 

– C XxX 


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