March into Spring

March is here! Hurrah! With each day, new shoots of green poke their head out of the dark soil and little yellow buds open to reveal the trumpet smiling faces of daffodils. Spring is nearly here, and it’s flowers are my absolute favourite!

March also heralds in Lent. You all flipped your pancakes last night (hopefully no one has one stuck on the ceiling still!) so today it begins. Now, I’m all for giving something up for Lent. I think it can teach us really valuable lessons about what we really need in our lives, but last year I stumbled across ’40 Acts’ and my outlook on Lent has completely changed.

40 Acts is based on the idea that instead of giving something up during Lent you give something away instead. This could be your time, a meal, an offer of help, or taping £1 coin to a parking meter to save someone the hassle of rummaging in their purse.

Every day of Lent you get an email with an idea of a good deed of the day with three potential levels of generosity. Green is simple and doesn’t require much effort but some thought. Amber is usually on a bigger scale – either helping out more people or taking your generosity to another level. Red is the highest and usually looks at giving on a community level.
You also get sent a little thought for the day and a bible verse as inspiration. If that isn’t for you, scrub past it and just look at the suggestion for a good deed instead.

I signed up last year and I have again. It starts today!
Instead of giving up why don’t you give something away – you could enrich the lives of so many in such a simple way, and it’ll make you feel good in the process! You could call that a win – win.

Like my little Reception students sing to me sometimes, “love is something if you give it away, you end up having more” (INCREDIBLY cute!)

With love, C XxX

Sign up for 40 Acts Here


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